Not Just The Incredibles

Not Just The Incredibles (working title) – Tim Jeeves

A donated organ is an incredible gift. It is the gift of life, the insertion of a vital part of one individual into another, a physical blurring of two identities.

Yet, despite its extraordinary nature, the practices that surround organ transplantation remain firmly embedded within the everyday. There is the everyday activity of lab researchers, those people who match donor to recipient, facilitate new advances and improve existing techniques through their daily work routines whilst, at the other end of the transaction, there is also the transplant recipient’s everyday life. Whilst it is easy to focus on the profound highs the recipient might feel as a result of these extraordinary procedures (for they have often – literally – been given a new lease of life), to do so risks rendering those times in their life that are painful, distressing or simply mundane somehow less valid. This may lead them to feel they are somehow failing by not leading a heightened life, a responsibility they can never fulfil.

‘Not Just the Incredibles’ explores these ideas of the everyday in transplantation through a series of interactive artworks, sited in everyday locations, and developed by Tim Jeeves and Mamoru Iriguchi in collaboration with transplant recipients and lab technicians.

Not Just The Incredibles is produced by Leo Burtin for Making Room