A Decade With Mars

A Decade With Mars is a project by Ella & Nicki 

A ten year project about time, sustainability and community.

This project started when we began meeting a small group of people who applied to be the first humans to take a one way trip to Mars. We plan to keep meeting these people again and again over the next ten years, in parallel to the time scale of the proposed mission.

What does a proposal to leave our planet mean for our society? Can the idea of leaving help us look back on how we are living now, and how we might live in the future? What will happen in the next ten years of our lives, the applicants lives and all of our lives?

A Decade With Mars will extend out from our meetings with six prospective astronauts, to create a growing community asking questions about all of our futures on Earth.

A Decade With Mars began in 2014 and will finish in 2024.

A Decade With Mars is produced in association with Leo Burtin of Making Room.