Mary Pearson in FAILURE

FoMO, mofos!

FoMO, mofos! is a new solo dance performance by artist Mary Pearson

The project begins as a series of 5 collaborations with international artists. Each collaborator travels to Liverpool, to spend a week together in Mary’s home, and in the studio.

She wonders: What if we led the same life? What if we traded lives? Can I see my life through their eyes?

As each artist leaves the studio, a new chapter of the solo show emerges, which is part homage, and part identity theft. FoMO, mofos! (Fear of Missing Out, motherf***ers!) grasps the comic melancholic FoMO: that pervasive anxiety of our digital age that something better is always happening somewhere else.

Placeholder image from FAILURE (& other opportunities for non-linear success)

This project is supported using public funding by Arts Council England, and was developed at Metal Culture’s Time & Space residency. With additional support from the Unity Theatre. Produced by Leo Burtin for Making Room.