To begin with

Hello there,

and welcome.

To this blog, to Making Room, to 2016.

I’m imagining that you find yourself here because you already know a little bit about us. Maybe you follow Jake on Twitter, or you’ve been to one of my shows. Or maybe an algorithm took you here by surprise.

Whatever brings you here, welcome.

I won’t write much (if anything) about what we do, and what the little organisation behind this website is all about, as you’ll easily find that information by navigating the other pages. As we are at the beginning of our adventure, you won’t have to stray too far to find out more.

I might tell you though, that here, Jake and me will take it in turns to write to you every week. We might tell you about what we’re up to, what we’re enjoying reading or listening to. We might also write about the things we are struggling with, the questions we don’t have any answers for.

It’s a starting point, an invitation to respond, to connect.

Last night, thousands of people gathered in Brixton to celebrate the life and work – and mourn the death of – David Bowie. I could chip in with my story, my relationship to the Starman, how translating Little Bombardier in English class certainly has something to do with choosing to move to England – but I won’t.

It’s not particularly interesting, and there are dozens of gorgeous stories out there.

What am I saying? Hundreds, Thousands, Millions…

Time and again, a conversation that I have about the work that I do, the work that we do, is that it’s not of value, that people don’t care… and bring on the argument about arts funding would be put to better use in hospitals… (Ellie, thank you –  you’re taking one for the team at the moment, I trust it will be – it is – useful.)

And then this happens. And it speaks for itself, doesn’t it? It’s been on my mind for the last 36 hours anyway.

In other news, if you follow either of us on social media, you’ll know that we’re gearing up for Hear Me Roar and that Jake’s favourite train will be taking him up and down the West Coast Main Line as Snuff Box work on Weald (which opens next month at the Finborough, see our events page for more info). I’ll also be spending a fair amount of time on trains as I head back on tour for the last part of the month…

All this business means that there’s not much I’ll have time to enjoy in what’s going on elsewhere, though I am looking forward to going to the Tintin exhibition at Somerset House (London) (I’m a really really big fan), and finally discovering imitating the dog’s new show The Train  (Lancaster, then touring) which I got to hear a lot about before it was made.

I wish you all a very great week, and I hope you’ll enjoy following this blog as it develops. I’m still thinking through what function it might hold, and what it might look like, and I very much welcome your thoughts, suggestions, contributions.

Warm wishes,


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