The farm was there, wasn’t going anywhere. It was solid, physical. Flagstones. Timber. Place housed the hopes and fears of hundreds of people, and I cast it to one side, just like that, because I was blindsided. All I needed to do was stand firm like the rest, take a breath and I’d’ve been fine. Break heart, drop blood, done. Always take a breath Jim. Always take a breath.”

In association with the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, and supported by BBC Performing Arts Fund Legacy Grant, the world premiere of Weald by award-winning new playwright Daniel Foxsmith.

On a remote livery yard in rural England, Jim arrives ‘home’ after eight years away, in need of work. It didn’t end so well last time, but he’s sure that this time it’ll be different…

Sam, as old as the fixtures and fittings themselves, reluctantly agrees – there’s work to be done after all. As the men attempt to pick up from where they left off, fresh cracks appear beside old wounds. Things have changed. But the world can only be held at bay for so long before the two men will have to answer for their actions.

A terse and delicate dissection of male emotions from a rural perspective: fathers and sons, honour and legacy, molasses and mud.

Weald is Daniel Foxsmith’s third full length play. It is directed by Bryony Shanahan, director of critically acclaimed shows Operation Crucible and Bitch Boxer. Both, along with Charlotte Josephine, are co-Artistic Directors of multi-award winning Snuff Box Theatre.

Snuff Box Theatre are produced by Jake Orr for Making Room