Five Feet In Front

Five Feet in Front is a ‘Developed With the Lowry Studio’ production by The Letter Room.

The Letter Room are a six strong ensemble from the North East. They are an associate company of Greyscale and Northern Stage.

“Ain’t you heard there’s a storm coming?”

A clock, a town, a sunrise on an old radio and the wind. The wind, who’s dead set on sticking someone in the ground by sunset.

Down in the dust bowl the air’s so thick folk just can’t see what’s coming their way anymore, all ’cept Johnnie, little Johnnie Wylo…

Struggle, survival and live music brewed up into a foot stomping, bath blasting, bone shaking hoedown.

A wild and darkly funny musical tale about hope and daring to have it in the land of the downtrodden.

The tour of Five Feet in Front is produced by Jake Orr for Making Room.