“I have been trying to take charge over the past couple of days, I mean just for starters, because there are several issues (the pigs for one) but it’s basically me, 30 lambs, a lot of chickens, some guinea fowl, a family of quail, the cat, 7 goats and 117 cows. 116 up there. Friendly is clearly with me. Say hello Friendly. Oh no you can’t, you’re a cow.”

Beth wants to borrow a tractor, but she won’t say why. Cow is about a girl, a cow and the ways people ask for help. A new play by Jessica Barker-Wren.

“Goodness, it’s the kind of work I come to the fringe to see!” Lyn Gardner – praise for Good Stock directed by Lucy Wray

Written and Performed by Jessica Barker-Wren
Directed by Lucy Wray
Supported by The Bike Shed, Exeter

25 June, Offbeat Festival, Oxford. Tickets here.
3 – 27 August, Underbelly, Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Tickets here.

Making Room’s Jake Orr and Kirsten Peters Roebuck are producing COW.

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