Reflecting on the ‘Hear Me Roar’ Feminist Arts Festival Lancaster March 2016

A response to Hear Me Roar festival from Gerry Harris

Drama Queens Review

I am writing this post on ‘Hear Me Roar: Ages, Stages, Phases’ from a double perspective.

Through one lens I see it as someone who was part of the team involved in organising this feminist arts festival (with most of the hard work being undertaken by unflagging, (very) creative producer, Leo Burtin.)

Through the other I see it as a member of the audience who did not manage to attend all the workshops, film screenings, talks and the Queer Boots dance night- but who did attend many of these and all of the  performances, which are my focus in this review.

Looking through both lenses at the same time, it seems to me that this festival didn’t do too badly in terms of achieving the aims we set out. Yet as might have been predicted the five days journey through this event was far more surprising, more challenging (politically and…

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