Making Room is a new arts organisation, co-directed by Jake Orr & Leo Burtin. This website, much like the organisation itself is currently a work in progress. Please bear with us, and do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to find out more.

Making Room boldly strives for creating a positive shift in society through art and culture. 

Together with artists, partners, and audiences, we create and support:

  • Theatre & Live Performance
  • Festivals
  • Publications
  • Events & Projects
  • Opportunities for professional development

Our working process is rooted in our commitment to equality, transparency, and generous invitations.

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hello ‘at’ making-room.co.uk

Find out more about us

Jake Orr is an artistic director, freelance producer, theatre maker, thinker, trustee and writer on theatre. You can find out more about his practice by visiting his website or by following him on Twitter.

Leo Burtin is an artist, theatre-maker, creative producer and writer. You can find out  more about his practice by visiting his website or by following him on Twitter.